Sports Nutrition for Women: A Growing Market in Supplements

Sports nutrition products for women are becoming more and more common with a number of large international supplement companies offering new ranges which are “designed especially for women.” Several of the product ranges include meal replacement shakes, fat burning supplements such as thermogenic and herbal supplements and protein bars.

Many of the ranges have attractive (often pink) packaging which is more subtle than the bold writing and aggressive claims of products aimed at the more hardcore bodybuilder.

Is There a Need for Sports Nutrition Products for Women and Why Would Women Buy Them

Fit Woman Taking Supplements in gym

One of the companies which has launched a new range in recent months is – a UK based supplement company which specialises in bulk powdered supplements and mail order. Their new range, which includes a MRP shake called True Diet, a protein and carbohydrate Virtue Bar and new Aqua Slim diet water, was launched earlier in 2010.

Head of marketing, Mark Coxhead, said: “After researching the market, it became clear that many so-called ‘healthy’ snacks are loaded with sugar, salt and other unsavoury ingredients. Consumers are becoming much more ‘label-aware’ and really do care about what they’re putting in their bodies. There is a real demand for products with a conscience, products that do not cut corners on ingredients, and products that women can trust.

“Using our in-depth background in sports nutrition, the MP MAX ELLE range of supplements has been specifically designed to stave off hunger and provide the body with a balanced supply of nutrients for weight control and the promotion of an active lifestyle.”

Positive Reaction From Ordinary Women to Specialised Sports Supplements for Women

The Supplements for Women are Growing

The reaction to the products on offer for women has been positive. Suzanne, a student aged 21, is a regular gym user and likes to keep in shame. She said, after trying MyProtein’s products, “men and women are different physically, and emotionally. A product that is specially designed for our specific needs [is] better, and more attractive. Also, it would give out the message that it is okay and good for women to have supplements – that this is NOT for men, but just for women.

Fellow student Fiona, 20, said “I think women shy away from sports supplements because they think that they are only used for people who are really serious about exercise and do it everyday and some of the products can be quite expensive. Also I don’t think women really know what they can be used for or what the benefits of them are. They are viewed as products for bodybuilders rather than for women.”

This positive reaction shows that the new ranges of nutrition products for women are being well received and that there is a market already there for companies to tap into. It seems that this market will continue to grow as women become more aware of the products on offer to help them reach their weight loss and fitness goals.